As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak emanating from Wuhan in Hubei Provence, Chinese authorities, extended Chinese New Year Holidays through February 10th for most locations, in the hope of containing the situation.

In order to keep you apprised, below is a summary of our office operations as of today 21st Feb:

  •  Wuhan offices in the Hubei Province remained closed.

  •  Sea Air Logistics other offices in Mainland China offices re-opened on Feb 10, 2020, 

  •  Sea Air Logistics Hong Kong has been opened since February 3rd.

Please be reminded that due to the continued efforts to limit the spread of the Coronavirus there are a number of uncertainties, and related restrictions in each province and across China that will become clearer in the coming days. 

Accordingly, some of our agent offices will begin operations with limited staff, flexible hours and with some working from home.  Additionally, office openings are still subject to change per Chinese Government’s advisory on each Province, and like all companies, Sea Air Logistics will need to be compliant with the mandates. 

This is an evolving situation, and Gateway Cargo & Sea Air Logistics will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you informed as we receive additional information.

Shipment status, we strongly suggest that you contact your supplier to confirm that they are back and operating. If your supplier is up and running and able to despatch your orders we can arrange collection.

Vessel Schedules & Space: 

All shipping lines are re-scheduling their sailings as and when they can return to work, the past week and this current week have been blanked out and as a result once vessel are back and running space will be in high demand. We will endeavour to secure space as the shipments become available, this will be dictated to by the availability of both space and equipment. So be aware that this will be dealt with on a case to case bases.

LCL Cargo when available from your supplier can be uplifted and moved to the depot, demand for space will be at a premium, there are fixed bookings so we will endeavour to move your cargo as and when it becomes available.

FCL Cargo once we have confirmation as to when your suppliers are able to despatch your orders we can then apply for space and equipment.   


Due to the Coronavirus Infection, a number of flights to/from/thru China have been affected. 

Those being:

Air New Zealand have suspended flights between Mainland China and NZ

Singapore Airlines have reduced their schedule with further changes expected

Cathay Pacific have reduced a number of flights from Hong Kong to China with fights to HGH, NGB, WNZ, SYX & HAK being cancelled

China Eastern have reduced their schedule from 7 flights per week to 3 (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

China Airlines have cancelled all flights ex TPE to mainland China excluding PEK, PVG, XMN & CTU,

Southern China have suspended their service until further notice.

There are Freight Only aircraft running along with some courier companies.

We will need to apply for these services on a case by case basis.

In summary

We fully understand the frustration in this time of uncertainty, but it is a situation that everyone is-in and we here at Gateway Cargo will endeavour to assist in anyway we can.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

It is very important that you communicate with your suppliers to confirm their status & keep us in the loop.


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