Are you guys open?

You bet.

We are deemed an essential industry.

Staff will be mostly operating remotely from home, responding via email.

There will also be someone in the office answering calls 80 per cent of the time.

Office Hours to talk to a human: 0730-1600 Monday to Friday 

Office Hours to solicit a reply: We are on-line and working hard to respond to your queries  

So, you’d prefer we emailed?

Yes, please. 

What’s happening with Air-Freight?

Unless it’s considered critical e.g. medical gear and you are willing to pay a Kings Ransom.

Forget it!

The only cab on the rank left are Singapore Airlines and there’s no way they can cover demand.

And Sea-Freight?

By-in-large it’s running per normal.

With a few glitches like vessel re-scheduling.

Put it this way, if sea-freight was a four-cylinder car?

It’s running on three. 

I’ve got something about to arrive. What about deliveries and storage options?

We need to know whether to deliver or hold awaiting things to settle down?

Be sure to let us know your situation.

Everyone will be different. 

If we don’t hear from you, we’ll automatically place a hold on the consignment/container.

Note: Keep checking our News Page for regular updates 


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Office: Monday to Friday (8am to 5pm)


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