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The Road Transport Forum are bang-on in their summation in the above article.  

Ports need to get full containers with non-essential goods off the port, but if there's nobody at the receiving end at work, where do you put them?

More-ever who arbitrates what is essential or not?

Is farm machinery less worthy than toilet paper? 

What about a container with toilet paper, farm equipment, board games and gym gear? 

And if there's just 1 container in 100 with products the country now deperately needs hitting our shores. 

What's going to happen to the other 99%? 

Can were expect port workers etc. to pull that one priority container from the growing stack?    

Everything arriving into N.Z Ports over the next four weeks was after-all ordered months ago.

When Wuhan Flu was someone elses problem. 

Will importers want to pay G.S.T on a container-load of products they can’t access or get to the market?

Where are these massive holding yards that are both a secure Customs Bonded Area & Approved MPI Transitional Facility?

Not well thought out there Minister of Transport, Phil Twyford.   

This won't be a case of mild constipation either!  

Up-Date: Finance Minister Grant Robertson verbally stated (Friday 27th March) businesses will be able to open their warehouses to receive incoming shipments of non-essential goods to alleviate congestion. Subsequent to this statement nothing has been definitively stated by the Government confirming this relaxation as at Tuesday 31st. 

Up-Date # 2: Refer our news article dated 02nd April in which David Seymour finally gets Phil Twyford (Minister of Transport) to clarify the position of the logistics industry/importers when it came to unloading containers with non-essential products.       

Article Posted: Thursday 26th March 



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