Due to a big clampdown and audit by MPI Quarantine on Non-Heat treated pallets we are reminding you to instruct your suppliers to use Heat Treated or Plastic pallets only.

If freight is not loaded on an authorised pallet and arrives into NZ on non-Heat Treated pallets you may face a bill of NZ$200.00 for either fumigation or destruction costs by MPI Quarantine.

For this reason if Non-Heat Treated pallets do arrive into our partners in e LAX – DGX ‘s warehouse these non-compliant pallets will now automatically be transferred to plastic pallets at a cost of NZ$50.00 to yourselves.

DGX are also going to re-acquaint the shippers the HT regulations at their end to avoid this occurring.

We are trying to work in your best interests to minimise any delays and costs once your freight arrives into NZ. If you have any questions regarding this email please do not hesitate to contact either Adrienne or Jamie to discuss.

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