Gateway Cargo Systems would like inform you that as of 30th August 2016 Hanjin have been placed in receivership.

Currently what we are seeing is that Hanjin Vessels globally are beginning to be arrested. Likewise terminals/stevedores are no longer supporting them.

Given the consortiums Hanjin are involved with, it is not only Hanjin booked cargoes affected and many carriers who slot share are also affected by this action.

It would be prudent for any customers who are affected by this situation to advise there marine insurers as a precaution.

Given that Hanjin are the 7th largest carrier worldwide there is around 540,000 containers worldwide affected by this action.

Our offices are in the process of advising customers if there cargoes are affected and Gateway Cargo Systems are doing all that is possible to mitigate further delays where shipments have not been loaded at origin or at transshipment hubs awaiting departure.

Gateway Cargo Systems will continue to monitor the situation closely and will advise as further information is made available.

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