A recent Newshub investigation has revealed MPI regularly fail to examine inbound passenger flights into Auckland, our main gateway.

They didn't mention if this also included cargo off the same flights.

This is not a one-off bad-day.

Frighteningly it’s a daily occurrence.

Congratulations to the Newshub journalists highlighting there these gapping-holes at our borders.

So why is the very government department put in charge of policing our borders in respect to bio-security ‘missing in action’?

MPI have a major staff retention issue.

‘Handknitted Cardigan’ management in denial.

The staff that are leaving are the ones at the pit-face, like dog handlers.

The pit face is where is counts if we want to keep out the likes of Stink-Bug and Foot & Mouth.

Where MPI are not short of staff and have plenty of resources to throw at errant importers, brokers making human errors etc., is their policing section.

There would for example be no leeway given by MPI were an importer operating a transitional facility explained away their lack of an approved operator by saying “Sorry we have replaced him yet and we desperately needed the product.”  

Let’s not forget its importers and exporters that contribute financially towards MPI, border protection, not just though taxation.

Passengers, tourists pay nothing!

There is no consistency in anything MPI does.

They have one set of rules for brokers/importers/general public and another set for their own staff.

When MPI Staff ‘drop the ball’ they are never prosecuted.

There would be public outrage if policemen were exempt drink-driving laws.

MPI tell importers “It’s user pays these-days, so suck-up our ever-increasing fees”.

Then in the next breath deliberately ignore the costs incurred policing airports.

The very same airports they can’t adequately staff!

Paul Gilbert.

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