London Heathrow is a bottle-neck and faces increasing issues with passenger numbers impinging on cargo loadings.

Despite having a permanent booking LON-CHC these ‘big city’ issues have plagued our Parcel 2 Go Air-Freight service of late.

So effective November 2018 our weekly U.K Air-Freight Service now comes out of Manchester.

And it’s working!

The cut-off at supplier’s door to make the Saturday flight ex Manchester is a now a Thursday afternoon.

Arriving Christchurch midday Tuesday.

As always please continue to inform us of all orders so we can liaise Uniexpress.

Andrew (pictured) is on our U.K Air-Freight 'desk'. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Andrew Gilbert

If you are getting your supplier to deliver-in, they now need to address the consignment to:


C/O UCH Logistics

Unit 318

World Freight Terminal

Manchester Airport M90 5EX

The key contact at Uniexpress in the U.K remains Julie Sharpe (01274)715-230.

Julie Sharpe

By-the-way new Parcel 2 Go Cards will be out in the post shortly. 

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