New Zealand freight forwarding services for a variety of cargo

Our team helps New Zealand businesses import and export goods.

When your business relies on moving products internationally, partner with a cargo company that is here for the long haul. Here are just a few examples of the types of businesses we help.

Vehicles, heavy machinery, farming equipment, marine and aviation

Importing agricultural machinery, cars and parts, marine equipment and heavy equipment can present a variety of challenges that we can help with.

Because of the size of the equipment and the challenges of delivering it to rural areas it pays to have the right advice and connections for the most effective solution for your unique requirements.

If you are importing used equipment, you'll also need NZ customs, and quarantine biosecurity/MPI clearance requirements to be fulfilled.

Retail products, recreational goods and clothing

Importing a variety of products such as footwear textiles, crafts, giftware, sporting gear,  safety equipment, toys and furniture.

Importing retail products can be a fine balance between having stock arrive too early, too late or not in perfect condition.

We offer a comprehensive range of options, across our network of freight import services that can get your shipment where it needs to be as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Health, cosmetics, non-perishables and pharmaceutical goods

We'll help you bring in non-perishable foodstuffs, alcohol and pet supplies. We also work alongside healthcare, cosmetics and pharmaceutical goods importers.

Our team will help you with the best importing process from record-keeping, to sourcing the best transportation and storage for your non-perishable goods and healthcare products.

Our air, sea and international courier networks allow you to move shipments of all sizes to best fit your requirements.

Electrical, technology, scientific and safety equipment and chemicals

Importing specialised and technical electronic equipment, computing and treatment equipment and hazardous goods.

Our customs and logistics teams will coordinate the freighting, customs clearance, import duties, tariffs, classifications and GST documentation.

We'll also help you navigate the prohibitions and import controls around any hazardous substances relating to the equipment.

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